Linen Terms & Conditions


Linen is supplied subject to the following Terms & Conditions:

1. All linen is laundered every Tuesday and Thursday.  The deadline for ordering this range of linen is 12:00 every Monday and Wednesday.  Last minute orders which miss these laundry days are subject to additional charges.

2. If you wish to cancel the linen or reduce the quantity of linen within an order a minimum of two working days notice is required before the linen ordering deadline.  Failure to give sufficient notice will result in full charges for the linen.

3. If you wish to increase the quantity of linen within an order, then you must do so by the linen ordering deadlines as specified above.  Last minute increases to linen orders which miss these deadlines will be subject to the above mentioned third-party surcharges.

4. Lost, damaged, wax stained, mouldy and/or missing linen/linen bags will be charged as stated below:

Losses / Damages

1.  All lost, damaged, wax stained and/or mouldy linen will be charged at the current replacement cost (substitute linen is not acceptable).

2.  Laundry bags will be charged at £15.00 each if damaged or not returned. 

 ***** Please note that damp linen rapidly becomes mouldy and spreads to surrounding linen. Therefore, to avoid replacement costs please ensure your linen is completely dry before re-packaging it for collection. *****