Portable Hand Wash


Portable Hand Wash

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  > Width: (30 cm).

  > Depth: 325mm (bowl open), 175mm (bowl closed)

  > Height: (32 cm).

  > Weight: 3kg (dry), 5.3kg (full).

Product Features: 

  > Perfect for any situation where a hot water hand wash is a requirement and there is no power supply or plumbing. Just fill with hot water and it retains all the dirty water which can be emptied when the hot water is replenished.

  > Provides a minimum of ten 12 second hand washes per filling.

  > Will keep water warm for up to 5 hours depending on the temp of the of the preheated hot water.

  > No plumbing is required.

  > Provides hot water with fingertip tap operation.

  > Jet spray that reaches every part of the hands. 

 Bowl Removal & Replacement

  > The waste water is contained in the waste safe bowl. When full, water appears in the drain holes when opened and the bowl is lifted out and emptied.

  > The spray nozzle is removablefor cleaning and it is recommended that the unit and bowl are flushed out with bleach solution periodically.