Coffee Percolator


Coffee Percolator

26 pint (15 litre)

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£17.00 excl. vat

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  > Width: 13" (33 cm).

  > Depth: 13.8" (35 cm).

  > Height: 22" (56 cm).


  > 26 pint (15 litre) which will serve up to 75 cups of coffee.

Product Features: 

  > Liquid level indicator.

  > Will take up to 1 hour 30 minutes to heat up when full.

  > Don't forget your cups and saucers

Electrical Connection:

  > Fitted with a 13 amp fuse. This unit consumes a maximum of 1.5kW.

Easy guide to brewing coffee:

1.    Pour cold water into the urn (above half way but do not exceed maximum mark).

2.    Insert percolator tube into the urn. (please ensure the tube is fitted correctly before moving away from the machine)

3.    Put filter basket over percolator tube and fill this with the desired amount of coffee (approx 60g of coffee per litre of water).

4.    Place lid on percolator and twist to lock.

5.    Plug in the percolator and turn it on. The ‘heat’ light will illuminate.

6.    The ‘warm’ light is illuminated when the coffee has brewed.





If your electrical appliance fails to work:


• Ensure you have read and followed the instructions for the item, available from our downloads page.

• Ensure only one electrical appliance is plugged into each 13 amp spur / wall socket.

• If an electrical item has been plugged into a wall socket which was switched on, it may fuse the 13 amp plug.

• Confirm you have a 240v, 13 amp power supply to the outlet spur by testing with an electrical appliance which you know works.


• Call the Oxford Event Hire 24-hour emergency number 01865 760158 to arrange for an engineer to attend site OR replace the item.