Chocolate Fountain


Chocolate Fountain

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  > Height: (94 cm).

Product Features:

  >  Can serve 100-400 guests.

  >  An elegant, free standing dramatic three tier sculptural centrepiece.

  >  Creating a memorable experience for any event such as parties, anniversaries and special occasions - ideal for  weddings!

  >  Made of three parts - a base unit containing the bowl, heater and motor, a spiral drive and a tier system.


Product Instructions:

  > You prepare the chocolate separately by melting SLOWLY over boiling water that has been heated over a gas flame or on the hob over a low heat.

  > Ensuring no water whatsoever mixes with the chocolate if this happens throw away chocolate & start  


  > You then pour it into the bowl in the base unit. The spiral drive draws the warm chocolate up to the top of the tier

     system - and then the enticing cascade starts to flow over the tiers with its irresistible warm chocolate aroma. It    

     pours back into the bowl and then starts its journey all over again.

  > Once the chocolate is in full flow, everyone can start to dip the food of their choice. Make sure you are well away

     from drafts as this will cause the Chocolate to flow unevenly.


Electrical Connection:

  > Fitted with a 13 amp fuse. This unit consumes a maximum of 3kW.

  > Don't forget your chocolate!


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Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate Fountain